Luna's King Cleaning Services


Residential Cleaning

Your home is your palace and you treat it with love. We understand that and we also know that your busy schedule does not allow you to give it the time and attention it requires. This is why Luna's King Cleaning is here to help and provide your house the attention and care it deserves. Leave your cleaning, vacuuming and mopping woes to us and you just unwind and relax. When you have the best Arizona house cleaning services on your side, an immaculate house is guaranteed

Luna's King Cleaning is all about house cleaning and uses the best cleansing chemicals and techniques to maintain the actual shine and look of your floor, wooden items, ceramic, marbles, etc. We leave your house sparkling and you with a smile.


Janitorial Services

Even if you’ve put off hiring a professional office cleaning company thinking you could do it yourself, there are certain areas that are often overlooked. At Luna's King Cleaning, we understand that you need detailed, attentive and friendly service that will make your office shine – not just for prospective customers but for your employees as well. 

Our cleaning services are about more than just running the vacuum and emptying the office trash.  Of course, we do those things too – but we’ll also wash your wastebaskets if necessary, vacuum and deep steam clean the carpeted floors, sweep and mop hardwood floors with a wood-safe disinfectant and much more.


Carpet & Floor Cleaning

When you choose Luna's King Cleaners, you’re putting the premier residential carpet and floor cleaning solutions in Arizona to work for you and your family. Not only do we provide the highest level of value for your hard-earned money, but our highly trained and professional cleaning experts can also recommend the best cleaning methods for you, 

depending on your carpet and/or floor's material.

Keep in mind that Luna's Cleaners services are available to not only residential carpet cleaning services, but commercial carpet cleaning in Arizona as well. So, whether you need your office to look its best for a special event or for a key client’s visit, we can help your business’s carpet look its best.

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